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Accredited Transformational Coach

how my clients feel

Life Coaching

"Through Janine's (life) coaching I have been able to change my outlook and how I deal with things. I'm happier, more confident and have re-found my voice which had caused me some anxiety."

"After each session I have felt energised, inspired, happy and feel that I am better able to take on any challenges moving forward."

"I was thinking about our session and I thought it’s like peeling away the onion skin, peeling away the layers and getting to the heart of things. And it is freeing up my mind making me feel freer and fresher and I guess it comes back to changing the narrative, you don’t have to have that same story. I guess it also says it’s ok to change that narrative."

Academic Coaching

"This has changed my perspective on what is best for me and I’ll think slightly different about my choices now. I feel more confident about my choice of career."

"It’s for exactly this reason, things I’ve looked at but not looked at enough. Janine gave me the time and space to think about what's best for me. I’m really grateful for that."

"Love it, definitely love it, thank you so much for helping me see clearer. I know  where I want to go, and who I want to be."

Life Coaching

"There’s definitely been a shift, a re-prioritisation in my mind as to how I handle difficult situations. Contextualising them slightly different in my mind than how I was before."

Janine has "definitely given me the ability to connect, invest into this, previously I would have just ignored it and because of that, that in conjunction with all the things that I know I want, and you keep highlighting them to me as the things I’ve mentioned, it has definitely created some value. There has been a change."