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Life Coaching


Discover Lasting Happiness:

Janine coaches clients who are at a cross roads in their journey and wish to add meaning, purpose and happiness to their life. Areas of coaching include: work/life balance, career change, returning to work, motivation, relationships, stress and anxiety. Sessions are based on a transformational coaching model which draws on positive psychology techniques from a wide range of areas including confidence and goal setting, to resilience and happiness. 

One client described their feelings following life coaching  as " I have felt energised, inspired and happy. I feel that I am better able to take on any challenges going forward". 

Now is the time to focus on what you want from your life.

Academic Coaching


Plan for the Future: 

Whether it’s the growth mindset to establish resilience or building your capacity to achieve academically, Janine offers coaching that develops life long  skills and the ability to lead a happy and successful life. 

On International Day of Happiness , March 20, Janine matches her academic coaching skills with  positive psychology to teach Happiness and Resilience Workshops at local schools. Contact Janine to find out availability for workshops throughout the year. 

Are you ready to build your resilience? 

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Career & Executive Coaching


Own Your Career: 

Life can be stressful. It’s even more stressful when you are not achieving your full potential. Executive and career coaching helps you regain clarity to maximise your professional life as you re-establish professional purpose and meaning in your career. 

Executive clients often come to sessions looking for direction. One client explained how,  "the coaching sessions let me focus on areas that I may have put to the back of my mind. It’s important to focus on what I want from the next role rather than what they want from me. It brings the subconscious into the conscious which will help me make the right decision moving forwards”. 

If not now, when?